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Swing Man Golf

Jaacob originally founded Swing Man Golf in 2007, his final year in competing in long drive, as a
membership based website.

The site began on the basis of
teaching golfers how to hit the ball farther through swing speed training…and also to give insight in to what Jaacob did to go from a 27-year old 14-handicap golfer to professional.

Today, along with other various industry experts, Jaacob continues to help produce
monthly content for Swing Man Golf via the Monthly Handicap Improver.

It is also a place where
PGA Professionals, coaches, and trainers can go to get certified in Swing Speed Training.

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Swing Speed Training, the Monthly Handicap Improver, and Swing Speed Trainer Certification options at

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Sterling Irons

Jaacob first began using single length irons in 2007. When the USGA changed the groove rules in 2010, none of the then existing manufacturers wanted to update their grooves to be legal…nor did they want to fix some of the existing problems with their sets.

As such, in October 2013,
Jaacob partnered with industry golf equipment design icon Tom Wishon to go to work co-creating a new brand.

2.5 years of research and development, Sterling Irons® were launched in April 2016 as the world's best performing single length irons.

Single length irons simplify iron play by allowing you to have just one full swing for each iron.

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