2003 Recap of Other Happenings

In Kansas City, St. Louis, and Dayton visiting family for the holidays. 12/15/03-12/31/03

Attended a PSI personal development seminar in LA. 12/11/03-12/14/03

Note from Jaacob: Bear with me until October 15th. I've been on the road and my internet connection at home has been down for around a month. :-( So I've been unable to upload any new files to the web server. 10/05/03

Had 45" driver swing speed measured at 144mph! In April I topped at 127mph and in January topped at about 120mph. 150mph is world class in the long drive arena...going to shoot for 160! 08/28/03

Finished 40th (370 yards) out of 58 at the district finals. The top 4 went to worlds. Get another shot in 2.5 weeks. 08/28/03

Advanced through local qualifying to the district finals for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. If he gets through districts, he'll be going to the world championships on ESPN! 08/16/03

Shot a 38-43=81 in first event as a pro on the Pepsi Tour at Los Robles Greens. Gotta start somewhere! 08/08/03

Got the flu and missed qualifying for the Sacramento LDA Tour event by 1 spot. :-( 07/25/03

Set a new personal and competitive record for longest drive in a grid or fairway by blasting a ball 395 yards in an Oklahoma City, OK long driving contest!! 07/19/03

Finished 1st (381 yards in grid - 3 balls) out of 124 competitors in the Pinnacle Distance Challenge in St. Louis, MO! 07/06/03

Finished 4th (331 yards in grid - 6 balls) out of ~40 competitors in a Goodyear, AZ long driving contest. 06/21/03

Beginning a month-long long distance contest road trip to Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and Houston. 06/20/03

After 6 months of hard work, Jaacob's decided to turn pro for long drive!!! 06/01/03

Finished 2nd (655 yards - best 2 drives in grid - 6 balls) in an ALDA sponsored long drive contest at Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, AZ! 06/01/03

Eagled the 293 yard par 4 3rd hole at The Cascades by hitting a 3W off the tee to 5ft and making the putt!!! 05/22/03

Finished 8th (342 yards in the grid - winner at 367 yards) out of over 100 competitors in my first long drive contest in Phoenix!!! 05/18/03

In Kansas City and St. Louis to visit family and friends. 05/01/03-05/14/03

Scanned "Exercise For Men Only" magazine photos now available!!! 04/07/03

After working to some extent every day for the last 3 months, Jaacob's taking a few days off to rejuvenate. 04/02/03-04/06/03

Once again set a new personal record for longest drive in the fairway. This one went 393 yards!!! 03/27/03

Shot one under par for a 69 (35-34) beating my previous best of 73! First time under par on 9 and 18 holes! Also had a personal best 5 birdies!!! 03/26/03

Broke old record for longest drive in the fairway of 358 yards with a new one of 377 yards! Looks like the new driver is doing the trick! 03/25/03

The Hollywood production company begins filming the golf documentary today! 03/01/03

Pick up a copy of the "Exercise For Men Only - Fit For Life" magazine in newstands across America and see the man they call Mr. Fitness May 2003!!! Photos 02/28/03

Shot a 73 beating my previous best 18 hole score of 74! Shot par(36) for the first time ever on 9 holes! 02/27/03

Shot a 74 beating my previous best 18 hole score of 78! 02/13/03

COMING SOON...details on a Hollywood-based movie production company's documentary on my golf journey from 14 handicap to the PGA Tour! 02/03/03

One month of golf training is in the bag! Check out the summary! - Journal 02/01/03

Took Runner-Up in the Lost Canyons 2-Man Scramble (either gross or net - I forget). 01/19/03

It's my birthday!!! 01/04/03

Played a warm-up round today. Will be in San Francisco on Saturday and Sunday visiting family. On Monday, will continue easing in to training to begin on Jan 1st 12/27/02

Found the course I’m calling home for 2003 - Lost Canyons 12/23/02

Packed up in Kansas City and headed out to California. Did a little sight-seeing on the way - Journal 12/15/02-12/20/02

In St. Louis for an early Christmas. 12/7/02-12/08/02

Quit my UNIX Operations Engineering job at SchlumbergerSema of nearly 4.5 years to begin the Golf Venture! 12/04/02

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