2004 Recap of Other Happenings

In Indio, CA for a 3-day tournament at Landmark Golf Club. 12/09/04-12/14/04

At the Callaway Pebble Beach Invitational in Pebble Beach, CA. 11/16/04-11/21/04

Recorded first hole-in-one at the 9th hole of Peter Hay Golf Course, a 9 iron from about 74 yards!!! 11/06/04

Putting on first golf seminar in Houston, TX with my coach, Dan Shauger. 10/20/04-10/26/04

In Clearlake Oaks, CA for Principia. 10/02/04-10/13/04

In LA for an interview with ABC about Jaacob's mentor, Mike Austin. 09/23/04

In Napa, CA for a 1-day tournament at Napa Golf Club. 09/12/04

In Kansas City for brother's wedding. 09/01/04-09/08/04

In Reno, NV for three 1-day tournaments at D'Andrea, Lakeridge, and Eagle Valley. 08/12/04-08/17/04

New personal records today at Peter Hay Golf Course...-4 for 18 holes, -4 for 9 holes, 4 birdies in a row (the last 4 holes), and 7 birdies total! Now, to do that in a tournament! :-) 08/03/04

In LA for two small tournaments at Los Serranos and Simi Hills, to help Dan Shauger with his golf instructional video, and to check out the first cut of golf instructional DVD! 07/22/04-07/27/04

Read about Jaacob in the July/August 2004 issue of Travel+Leisure Golf Magazine - "The 515 Yard Drive" article!!! 06/25/04

In LA. 06/20/04-06/24/04

In Tucson, AZ to work on the set of Treasure of the Seven Mummies. 05/21/04-06/19/04

In LA to tape Dan Shauger's instructional video and own personal instructional video. 05/07/04-05/16/04

In Palm Springs, San Diego, and LA for a Pepsi tournament, visiting friends, and taping part of a documentary. 03/22/04-05/02/04

In Fresno, CA to meet with Dan Boever. 04/16/04-04/17/04

In Dallas, TX for LDA Q-School. 03/31/04-04/02/04

Videotaped and interviewed for the DVD re-release of "Mike Austin - Secrets from the Game's Longest Hitter". 03/26/04

Attended a 10-day PSI life success seminar on a ranch in Northern California. 03/12/04-03/22/04

Shot -1 on 9 holes at The Peter Hay Course at Pebble Beach. Week of 03/07/04

Interviewed by Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine. 02/24/04

Moved from Simi Valley, CA to Carmel, CA. Jaacob's home courses are now the courses on the Monterey Peninsula, one of which is Pebble Beach!!! 02/16/04

Attended a 7-day PSI life success seminar on a ranch in Northern California. 01/11/04-01/17/04

It's Jaacob's birthday!!! :-) 01/04/04

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