2008 Recap of Other Happenings

In Lake Orion, MI, visiting family. 12/28/08-12/31/08

In Kettering, OH, visiting family for the holidays. 12/24/08-12/27/08

In Dallas, Texas, for a golf outing. 09/30/08-10/07/08

In Scotland and England. 09/06/08-09/15/08

In Berlin, Germany for Barack Obama's speech. 07/23/08-07/25/08

In Poland. Made the cut in the Poland Open. 07/14/08-07/21/08

In the US - LA, Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City. 05/12/08-06/17/08

In Jaromer, Czech Republic. 05/03/08-05/07/08

In Luzern, Switzerland. 04/25/08-04/30/08

In Karlsruhe, Germany. 04/12/08-04/16/08

In Nairobi, Kenya, to play in first PGA-sanctioned tournament. 03/03/08-03/09/08

It's Jaacob's birthday! 01/04/2008

Be sure to check out Jaacob's article in this month's issue of Golf Today magazine. 01/01/08

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