2011 Recap of Other Happenings

In Kettering, OH. 12/26/11-12/28/11

In Lake Orion, MI. 12/23/11-12/25/11

In New York. 12/19/11-12/22/11

In Houston, TX. 11/19/11-11/22/11

In Austin, TX at Edel Golf. 11/19/11

In Dallas, TX at Adams Golf and Sellinger’s Golf. 11/17/11 - 11/19/11

In Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, & Houston - 09/22/11 - 10/9/11

In Budapest, Hungary. 09/8/11-09/11/11

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In Crans Montana, Switzerland. 06/16/11-06/19/11

In Lake Orion, MI and Kettering, OH. 04/03/11-04/28/11

In Marrakech, Morocco for a two week teaching trip. 03/03/11-03/19/11

In New York, Michigan, Ohio, and California. 12/18/10-02/07/11

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