Guest Appearance on Game Improvement Podcast with Tony Wright

Jaacob Bowden, Co-Creator of Sterling Irons single length irons, was a guest on Tony Wright's Game Improvement Golf Podcast
Thanks to Tony of Game Improvement Golf for having me back on his podcast..

Show Notes:

  • Jaacob talks about some of the most interesting things that have happened in the last year related to the introduction of the Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons.
  • The Sterling Irons® Lob Wedge was recently introduced – Jaacob talks about how the design of this lob wedge came about.
  • The second recent new Sterling Irons product is the Sterling Irons® 4 iron – most often used by strong players who can launch the golf ball easily.  He discusses design efforts that lead to the release of the 4 iron.
  • Finally – Sterling Irons® left handed single length irons are now available.  Jaacob talks about how glad he is that there was enough demand for these to be created.
  • Jaacob talks about some interesting suggestions for how golfers can practice to effectively adapt to using single length irons.
  • In closing – he shares a few Final Words for golfers who want to start playing effectively with Single Length Irons.

Listen to the Podcast.

Pre-Event Interview - Pace of Change Podcast - Speedgolf World Championships

Check out my pre-event interview for the Pace of Change Podcast at the 2016 Speedgolf World Championships at The Glen Club in Chicago.

Episode 57 - Game Improvement Podcast With Host Tony Wright

Jaacob Bowden was a guest on Episode 57 of the Game Improvement Golf Podcast with Host Tony Wright

Happy to have been a guest on Episode 57 of Tony Wright’s Golf Improvement Podcast to talk about Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Show Notes:

  • Jaacob tells His Story – how he became a Professional Golfer, and how he initially became interested in developing what have become the Sterling Irons® Single Length irons.
  • He talks about the initial requirements for the development of the Sterling Irons®, and why these requirements are important.
  • Jaacob discusses some of the interesting stories and challenges from the 2-1/2 year development of these irons.
  • He (and in fact Tom Wishon) play the Sterling Irons®.  Jaacob discusses some of the surprises he has had related to how these irons perform for him.
  • Jaacob talks about a few of the very satisfying success stories from golfers who play the Sterling Irons®.
  • Finally, Jaacob provides some Final Words to golfers who might consider playing the Sterling Irons®.

Episode 8 - Pace of Change Podcast

Many thanks to Dude Spellings and Scott Dawley for having me on Episode 8 of the Pace of Change golf podcast.

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode 8. Today we’re talking with Jaacob Bowden. It was actually hard to nail down an appropriate title for exactly what it is he does. Let’s just say, in the world of golf, he’s pretty much done it all. Jaacob is someone who understands the value of writing down his goals and plans, and then pursuing them step by step until achieved.
Take for example, his goal of becoming a professional golfer. You’d probably guess this was his childhood dream, something he fantasized about since he was a kid. Not exactly. Jaacob was 27 when he got started on this dream. And he was by no means a scratch golfer either. A 14 handicap, someone who admired the single digit player in his foursome. He was quite literally the average golfer. An average golfer with a superhuman belief system and a powerhouse work ethic.
His story blossoms from there into a beautiful picture of a late bloomer who falls in love with golf, and turns his love of the game into a budding entrepreneurial career. He’s an out of the box thinker, a swing speed teacher, an accomplished Speedgolfer, a
senior writer for, and finally, with the recent release of Sterling Irons®, a golf club innovator. Alright, I’ve said enough. Let’s catch up with Professional Golf Entrepreneur, (hopefully that sums it up), Jaacob Bowden.
I hope you enjoy our conversation with Jaacob Bowden. Definitely want to encourage you to check out his swing speed training program. Like he mentioned, most golfers have never done any
swing speed training, and therefore can see massive gains in just a few weeks time. For his unique view on current topics and events in the world of golf, follow him on your social media platforms of choice: he’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can listen to the episode below.

Breaking Par With Bernard Sheridan

Thanks to Bernard Sheridan for interviewing me for Episode 99 Breaking Par. One thing we talked about was how to build swing speed in your golf swing.

Show Notes:

"Jaacob Bowden of Swing Man Golf is known world wide for helping players of all handicap levels get more distance. He has written several articles for many popular publications. Appeared on many TV, radio shows and podcasts. He is here to share his insight this week on episode 99 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. I know this will be an episode that goes down as one of the fan favorites."

Watch the video version of the interview below.

18 Strong - Episode 49

Thanks to host Jeff Pelizzaro for having me on his 18 Strong podcast.

Show Notes:

• Jaacob shares his story from growing up in St. Louis, MO to becoming one of the world’s leading experts in gaining swing speed.
• He didn’t start his journey to be a professional until after college and working several years in the corporate world.
• He went from a 14 handicap to a professional golfer in a ridiculous amount of time
• Jaacob talks about his mentors Dan Shauger and Mike Austin and how they changed his golf swing and ultimately his career path
• Jaacob tells us about his long drive competitions and what his training consisted of during that time
• He gives us his 2 biggest keys to gaining speed in your swing
• Jaacob explains how his system at has helped thousands get more clubhead speed in short period and how you can take advantage of it, too

Listen on YouTube below.

3rd Time As Guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts

Jaacob Bowden was invited back to Golf Smarter Podcasts for his 3rd appearance

Got invited to go back for the 3rd time on Golf Smarter Podcasts as a guest.

Show Notes:

"Jaacob Bowden of came in 5th at this year’s Speedgolf World Championships. He hasn’t been in running shape since since High School, but trained for 2 months running the streets of Zurich with a golf bag over his shoulder to prep for this international tournament. He joins host Fred Greene to discuss the elite class of Speed Golf, how to train, the rules, and the benefits to the mental game that comes with playing at a very, very fast pace."

Have a listen to the episode below.