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Jaacob Bowden Gives a Golf Lesson
Jaacob comes from a family of teachers and having personally been a 14-handicap golfer as recent as January 2003, he can easily relate to and help golfers of all levels. From juniors to adults, women to men, old to young, Jaacob's calm and patient demeanor will make your experience a pleasurable one. And through his incredibly unique playing (Jaacob has competed successfully as a professional golfer, professional long driver, and professional speedgolfer) and teaching experience he will get you hitting longer, straighter, and more consistent shots and shooting the lower scores you have always wanted.

Although Jaacob is often associated with the Mike Austin swing, his personal teaching philosophy is that each golfer has their own best unique swing. That said, he is willing to help each golfer learn whatever style they wish, whether that is the Austin swing or another swing style.

Depending on the person and what is available at the lesson, to help the student achieve their goals Jaacob will utilize any number of things ranging from a Trackman or Flightscope launch monitor, to a video camera, or anything else that is necessary to get the job done. Jaacob takes a multi-faceted holistic approach to the game and coaching sessions with him may encompass a variety of the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual aspects of the game. Lessons can take place indoors, on the range, on the course, in tournaments, etc.

In-Person Lessons & Rates

Jaacob is currently based in Washington, DC, however, he does travel extensively to give lessons, clinics, and exhibitions on a limited basis.

Jaacob Bowden Working With Trackman
Package Discount Rate
Single Session N/A Please contact
9-hole Playing Lesson N/A Please contact
1 Day 5% Please contact
3 Days 10% Please contact
Other N/A Please contact

Swing Man Golf

Laptop Screenshot of Swing Man Golf If it isn’t feasible for you to work with Jaacob in person, don’t worry.
Since it's launch in October 2007, Jaacob contributes content to Swing Man Golf, and instructional website that has been able to help over 6,500 golfers add distance to their drives and improve their golf games through its use of text, picture, and video content, bonuses, and golf instruction.

To learn more about becoming a Swing Man Golf member, click here.

Swing Man Golf on YouTube
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You can watch many great golf tips from Jaacob for absolutely free on the Swing Man Golf YouTube Channel. Jaacob’s videos have been viewed nearly 3 million times.

Take a look at this one about basic bunker play:

Bunker Tips Video

Jaacob at GolfWRX

Jaacob is a Senior Writer at GolfWRX and is ranked #1 in views per article amongst over 135 writers at GolfWRX.

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Jaacob Bowden is a Senior Writer at GolfWRX