In Seville, Spain

In Seville, Spain from December 18th to 31st. with Jaacob Bowden


Listen to Jaacob's interview with Fred Greene on Episode #209 of Golf Smarter Podcasts below:

Show Notes:

"Jaacob Bowden is a golf instructor and writer who is also the subject of a documentary called "Chasing The Dream" about a couple of athletes in different sports who are trying to make the big time. Right now Jaacob is working to qualify for the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach and the 2010 Open Championship at St Andrews. This call was recorded via Skype as Jaacob is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. Jaacob also talks about the difference between swinging hard and swinging fast and how every golfer can achieve great distance and accuracy by eliminating tension in their setup and swing."

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In Northern Italy

In Northern, Italy from December 9th to 10th golfing with some pro friends.

Universal Golf Magazine & Christoph Gunther

Take a look at my featured video and interview with Professional Golfer Christoph Gunter in the current issue of Universal Golf Magazine.

In Munich, Germany

In Munich, Germany from November 5th to 6th.

In Gams, Switzerland

At a putting clinic in Gams, Switzerland with Geoff Mangum and Simon Hilton.

Universal Golf Magazine Featured Videos

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Charity Run in Greifenseelauf Half Marathon

Jaacob Bowden & Jennifer Giroux ran for

Ran with “Run for Good” (sponsored by Adidas) for charity in the Greifenseelauf half marathon.

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Lie Angles - Part 2 of 2

Lie Angles - Part 1 of 2

Swiss-American Golf Championships

Jaacob Bowden hits tee shots for charity at the 2009 Swiss American Golf Championships

Hit tee shots for charity at the Swiss-American Golf Championships.

Golfpark Otelfingen Tour - My Home Course - Part 2

Golfpark Otelfingen Tour - My Home Course - Part 1

In Lucerne, Switzerland

Hiking Pilatus n Lucerne, Switzerland.

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How Professional Golf is Structured

ESPN Golf Talk Radio

Listen to Jaacob Bowden's guest appearance on ESPN Golf Talk Radio

Was a guest on ESPN Golf Talk Radio!!!

Show Notes:

In 2003, Jaacob Bowden was living in Kansas City working as a computer engineer in the corporate world. Uninspired in his daily work and realizing that playing golf gave him tremendous satisfaction, Jaacob traded in his corporate career to pursue the dream of becoming a Professional Golfer. This journey has since taken Jaacob from being an average golfer who typically drove the ball 220-275 to scratch golfer and long-drive champion.

While Jaacob's long-term goal is to play on the PGA Tour, he has made considerable strides in a relatively short amount of time. In 2003, after working with distinguished golf instructors Dan Shauger and
Mike Austin, Jaacob won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a televised drive of 381-yards and he has also since hit a grid-record 421-yard drive at a RE/MAX World Long Drive Local Qualifier in Temecula, California.

His athletic ability coupled with his insatiable appetite to learn every aspect of the game has made him not only a respected player but an incredible teacher as well. As a result, he brings perspective and experience that uniquely relates to both the average and professional golfer. Through his own training Jaacob has explored and tested a variety of techniques and training aids - the most recent of which involves researching swing speed training. His personal efforts to increase his own swing speed - and thus hit bigger drives - has made Jaacob one of the foremost experts on speed training in the world.

Jaacob continues to train and prepare for golf tournaments and long drive events while furthering his knowledge of golf and swing speed.


In Crans Montana, Switzerland

In Crans Montana, Switzerland from June 17th to 21st.

In Bad Bellingen, Germany

In Bad Bellingen, Germany from May 20th to 24th.

US Airways Magazine

Be sure to check out my article in this month’s issue of US Airways Magazine!!!

In Lucerne, Switzerland

In Lucerne, Switzerland from April 25th to 29th.

In Belek, Turkey

In Belek, Turkey from January 17th to February 8th.

Made the cut in the Sueno Dunes Classic with a 71-68.

In Fresno, California

In Fresno, California from January 5th to 12th to visit family and to have Ric Moore work on my golf equipment.

In Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles, CA, from January 1st to 4th to sell the car and move out of our Marina Del Rey home.

33rd Birthday

It's my 33rd birthday!!!