Return Guest on ESPN Golf Talk Radio

Jaacob Bowden returns as a guest on ESPN Golf Talk Radio to discuss how to increase swing speed & the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships

Was a return guest on ESPN Golf Talk Radio.

Show Notes:

"CJ Silas joins Mike & Billy in studio from The CJ Silas Show for a 2012 reveiw and the announcement of her move to Wednesdays on ESPN 1280.  Jaacob Bowden from Swing Man Golf calls into the show to discuss how to increase your swing speed and the RE/MAX Long Drive Finals airing on ESPN Sunday, December 30th, 2012."

You can listen to the show below.

The Leader - Swing & Sprint

While in St. Louis, it was a nice surprise to open up a local newspaper and find this article in the Leader.


Understanding Distance Variance

One of Jaacob Bowden's pro tour yardage books

Sometimes it can be a blow to the ego to go to a new course where the ball seems to go nowhere and you just can’t bring yourself to hit 5-iron, for example, when you could normally hit 7-iron.

But if you want to score well, it’s something that can be important to understand and accept…that is, that distances can vary quite dramatically from course to course.

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at the average driving distances for the field in the following PGA Tour and European Tour events from 2012.


Swing Man Golf Newsletter - November 2012

The November 2012 Swing Man Golf Newsletter is out!

The Swing Man Golf Newsletter for November 2012 is out.

Check it out here.

Shooting Par In Less Than An Hour

Jaacob Bowden was invited back to Golf Smarter Podcasts for his 3rd appearance

Got invited to go back for the 3rd time on Golf Smarter Podcasts as a guest for Episode #357.

Show Notes:

"Jaacob Bowden of came in 5th at this year’s Speedgolf World Championships. He hasn’t been in running shape since since High School, but trained for 2 months running the streets of Zurich with a golf bag over his shoulder to prep for this international tournament. He joins host Fred Greene to discuss the elite class of Speed Golf, how to train, the rules, and the benefits to the mental game that comes with playing at a very, very fast pace."

Have a listen to the episode below.

Speedgolf - 18 Holes In Under An Hour - MyGolfSpy


Curious to learn about Speed Golf and my experiences at the World Championships?

Then be sure to read my article on

Golf Club Radio Show Talking 5th Place At Speedgolf World Championships

Jaacob Bowden was a guest on Danielle Tucker's Golf Club Radio Show talking his 5th place finish at the 2012 Speedgolf World Championships

Was a guest on Danielle Tucker’s Golf Club Radio Show in Hawaii.

Here’s the link to listen to the show.

In New York, California, & Oregon

In New York, California, and Oregon from October 10th-25th.

5th Place Finish Speedgolf World Championships

Jaacob Bowden makes a putt on his way to a 5th place finish at the 2012 Speedgolf World Championships at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Photo Courtesy - Wood Sabold

Finished 5th at the Speed Golf World Championships at Bandon Dunes from October 18th-21st!

Check out more photos here.

Swing Speed Training Clinic- Golf Club Bad Alvaneu

Jaacob Bowden hosted a swing speed training clinic at Bad Alvaneu

Hosting a swing speed training clinic at Golf Club Bad Alvaneu.

In Milan, Venice, Innsbrook, & Bavaria

Traveling through Zurich, Milan, Venice, Innsbrook (Austria), and Bavaria (Germany) from September 4th-15th.

Omega European Masters


At the European Tour's Omega European Masters in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

The above pic is my view from the putting green.

Zero Point Golf - Mental Game Training

Swing Man Golf has a mental game training program called Zero Point Golf

Just launched a great new mental product called “Zero Point Golf”.

Learn more on the Products page!

Bad Ragaz PGA Seniors Open

Drove over to bad Ragaz, Switzerland to watch part of the Bad Ragas PGA Seniors Open.

Here are a couple swing clips of Bob Charles and Gary Player that I took while at the event:

Golf & Country Magazine


Be sure to check out the 3-page article about me in this month’s Golf & Country Magazine!

Pro-Am + Golf in Crans Montana, Switzerland

In Crans Montana, Switzerland for a Pro-Am and other golf activities from June 19th-24th at Golf Club Cran-Sur-Sierre.

Pro-Am At Golf & Country Club de Maison Blanche

In France from June 17th-18th for a Pro-Am at Golf & Country Club de Maison Blanche.

Distance & Accuracy Combined

Jaacob Bowden was a return guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts with Fred Greene on June 5, 2012

Was a guest again on Golf Smarter Podcasts. Have a listen to Episode #336 below!

Show Notes:

"GSfMO#337 Mike Austin over drove a 450 yard hole while in his 60s! Jaacob Bowden lowered his handicap from 14-scratch with his method and now he’d like to share it with you. Austin is gone but Jaacob met and studied his method of keeping the club face square through more of the swing."

Pro-Am at Golf & Country Club de Bonmont

Near Geneva from May 21st-22nd for a Pro-Am at Golf & Country Club de Bonmont.

Learn the Mike Austin Swing - Video Launch

NOTE: This post was edited on May 4th, 2021 to include the full video, which is now posted for free on YouTube.
Learn the Mike Austin Swing with Jaacob Bowden

Launched my new Mike Austin instructional video.

Be sure to check it out below:

Australia - Melbourne & Canberra

A kangaroo on the course at Federal Golf Course in Canberra, Australia

In Melbourne and Canberra, Australia from January 22nd - February 6th for the Australian Open (tennis) and some golf teaching. I did get to play a little…highlights included an eagle on #1 at Federal in Canberra and a 402-yard drive (been awhile since I had once over 4 bills) on #10.

Photos from the Australian Open are here.

36th Birthday

Jaacob Bowden got some colorful New Balance 574s for his birthday

The wife got me some fun New Balance 574s for my birthday!

Lake Orion - Michigan

In Lake Orion, Michigan from December 29th to January 3rd.