3rd Guest Appearance on Game Improvement Golf Podcast

Jaacob Bowden, Co-Creator of Sterling Irons single length irons, was a guest on Tony Wright's Game Improvement Golf Podcast
Thanks to Tony of Game Improvement Golf for having me back on his podcast for the 3rd time.

Show Notes:

• Jaacob provides a personal update on things he has been involved with in the past 2 years.
• He shares his thoughts on how the single-length iron concept has progressed in the golf world.
• Jaacob talks about the major benefits of single-length irons for golfers – and any specific classes of golfers who can benefit the most from playing them.
• He discusses the benefits of single-length – in particular – for beginner and high-handicap golfers.
• His website has guidelines for single-length iron setups that work best for different classes of golfers.  Jaacob shares his thoughts about these criteria.
• He shares a few of his favorite single-length iron success stories.
• Finally, Jaacob shares some final thoughts on the future of single-length irons for golfers, and when they should consider playing them.

Listen to the Podcast.