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Guest Appearance on Game Improvement Podcast with Tony Wright

Jaacob Bowden, Co-Creator of Sterling Irons single length irons, was a guest on Tony Wright's Game Improvement Golf Podcast
Thanks to Tony of Game Improvement Golf for having me back on his podcast..

Show Notes:

  • Jaacob talks about some of the most interesting things that have happened in the last year related to the introduction of the Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons.
  • The Sterling Irons® Lob Wedge was recently introduced – Jaacob talks about how the design of this lob wedge came about.
  • The second recent new Sterling Irons product is the Sterling Irons® 4 iron – most often used by strong players who can launch the golf ball easily.  He discusses design efforts that lead to the release of the 4 iron.
  • Finally – Sterling Irons® left handed single length irons are now available.  Jaacob talks about how glad he is that there was enough demand for these to be created.
  • Jaacob talks about some interesting suggestions for how golfers can practice to effectively adapt to using single length irons.
  • In closing – he shares a few Final Words for golfers who want to start playing effectively with Single Length Irons.

Listen to the Podcast.