Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Jaacob.

I am a 6’2”, 210-215 lbs, strong, & athletic male.
I am a Capricorn (earth sign) born under a waxing moon with airy palms & natal chart.
I am an old wise soul.
I am a spiritualist.
I am calm.
I am highly intuitive & instinctual.
I am introspective.
I am grounded in nature & water.
I am a leader.
I am loyal.
I am honest, responsible, & trustworthy.
I am entrepreneurial.
I am adventurous.
I am ambitious.
I am an innovator.
I am a pioneer.
I am a risk taker.
I am a visionary who gets better perspective in the mountains or high up places.
I am independent, introverted, & comfortable in solitude.
I am a hard worker.
I am disciplined.
I am productive.
I am practical.
I am smart & intellectual with near genius IQ.
I am an investigator.
I am a knowledge seeker.
I am observant. I am a path finder.
I am comforted by info and data.
I am efficient.
I am rational, logical, & systematic.
I am an organizer.
I am a fixer.
I am resilient.
I am patient.
I am a teacher of my experiences.
I am a gifted in speaking, communication, & inventive imaginative expression.
I am best in Dusty Soft Autumn colors.
I am appreciative of simplicity, beauty & finer things.
I am fed most by the physical touch & quality time love languages.
I am best eating a Mediterranean style diet (mostly plant based with occasional fish/meat).
I am best living in CO, IL, IN, MI, MO, MN, ND, NE, OK, SD, TX, WI (for the US).
I am best avoiding living in CA, ID, NV, OR, & WA (for the US).

How Would I Describe Myself and What I Do?

I’m 6’2”, 210-215 pounds, strong, smart, athletic, and highly spiritual.

I contribute, learn, and evolve by responding to inspirations to go after lofty and ambitious dreams that entail using my unique gifts.

To embark on these types of journeys takes high level vision, courage to stand out and take on risk, a taste for adventure and exploration, plus a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the beginning, I don’t always know how I’m going to get there. So, to find the best pathway forward, I work hard, observe, investigate, try things, and seek out knowledge. I’m comforted by info and data. I’ll systematically organize what I find, with an eye for identifying what’s simple, practical, rational, logical, and most efficient. However, ultimately, I answer to the power of my intuition, and can be quite stubborn once I decide on something having so exhaustively researched and/or intuited my decision.

Sometimes I discover pathways need to be fixed. Innovation might be required.

Introspection, patience, and resilience can also be necessary for achievement.

Since I easily spend so much time in my head, I must be careful of overanalyzing, getting stuck in the details, and consequently being indecisive. It helps me to gain perspective from high up places, as well as to ground in nature and water.

Despite my calm and emotionally level demeanor, I have plenty of internal motivation and am highly productive. However, I must be passionate about and in charge of what I do, as well as be careful not to overwork myself.

Through my leadership, I end up being out in the public eye, but underneath it all I’m not driven by my ego, nor do I really need the admiration of a lot of people. In fact, I’m quite introverted, independent, and completely happy in solitude and/or with my soul group, to whom I am loyal.

Through all of this, I like to share and teach from my experiences through various forms of communication, media, and products.

I appreciate beauty and finer things and, as best as I can, I try to do everything in an honest, responsible, and inclusive way with a “for the greatest good” mindset.

We All Have Weaknesses…What Are Mine?

I can have difficulty doing anything my heart is not in to.
I can be stubborn.
I can be an idealist.
I can get stuck in my head.
I can overanalyze.
I can be indecisive.
I can overwork.
I don’t always sufficiently delegate.
I can have trouble getting to sleep if I’m in my head too late in the day.
I can be emotionally restrained, flat, and/or detached.
I must watch what I say out loud due to the power of my word.
I must take care of my diet.
I could have trouble with my back, heart, & circulation if consistently out of alignment.

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