In Lake Orion, Michigan

In Lake Orion, Michigan from December 28th to 31st.

In Kettering, Ohio

In Kettering, Ohio from December 24th to 27th visiting family for the holidays.

Tiger Woods Swing Analysis

Golf Bunker Sand Shots

Dan Shauger's Spin the Meatball Concept

Proper Golf Grip

Backswing Rear Leg Position in Golf

How to Cure Hitting Fat & Thin Shots

Curing the Golf Shanks

Releasing the Clubhead

Hitting 3-5 Irons Too Low

Length of Backswing

In Dallas, Texas

In Dallas, Texas from September 30th to October 7th for a golf outing.

Reducing Tension

Gauging Distance on Pitching, Chipping, Putting

Getting Fit For Distance: Part 2 - Driver Length

Drive it Further: Part 1 - Driver Loft

Improving Ball Striking

Putting Speed

In Scotland and England

In Scotland and England from September 6th to 15th.

In Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, Germany from July 23rd to 25th for Barack Obama's speech.

In Poland

In Poland from July 14th to 21st. Made the cut in the Poland Open.

In Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City

In Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas City, St. Louis and Oklahoma City from May 12th to June 17th.

In Jaromer, Czech Republic

In Jaromer, Czech Republic from May 3rd to 7th.

In Luzern, Switzerland

In Luzern, Switzerland from April 25th to 30th.

In Karlsruhe, Switzerland

In Luzern, Switzerland from May 25th to 30th.

In Nairobi, Kenya

In Nairobi, Kenya from March 3rd to 9th to play in my first PGA-sanctioned tournament.

32nd Birthday

It's my 32nd birthday!

Golf Today Magazine

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