In the Miami Area

In the Miami area from December 19th to 22nd.

Jaacob Bowden goes out for a bike ride in Southern Florida with his wife and a few friends

Up to 50% Off at Club Champion

Mention you were referred by me and get 50% off full bag fittings and 33% on all other fittings through January 31st, 2019!

Mention Jaacob Bowden and get up to 50% off at Club Champion

Latest Cover Story for GolfWRX

Be sure to check out my latest cover story for GolfWRX called "Mikko Rantanen breaks par to win 2018 Speedgolf World Championships (Winning WITB)".

Mikko Rantanen breaks par to win 2018 Speedgolf World Championships (Winning WITB)

2018 ISGA World Cup

Took 11th place in the 2018 ISGA World Cup with Midwest Section PGA of America member Garrett Holt on the Shenedoah Course at Turning Stone Resort & Casino for Team USA.

Garrett Holt, PGA and Jaacob Bowden, PGA took 11th place in the 2018 ISGA World Cup for Team USA

2018 Speedgolf World Championships

Had a nice even par 72 (that included a triple bogey) in my practice round yesterday but struggled today and took 19th place in the Open/Pro division at the 2018 Speedgolf World Championships on the Shenedoah Course at Turning Stone Resort & Casino.

Jaacob Bowden placed 19th at the 2018 Speedgolf World Championships on the Shenedoah Course at Turning Stone Resort & Casino

2018 US Speedgolf Championships

Took 16th place in the Open/Pro division of the 2018 US Speedgolf Championships at Rome Country Club.

Jaacob Bowden tees off at the 2018 US Speedgolf Championships at Rome Country Club

2018 MAPGA Section Championship at Baltimore Country Club

Just wrapped up a very rainy and wet MAPGA Section Championship (a qualifier for the 2019 PGA Championship) at Baltimore Country Club at Five Farms today and yesterday. Unfortunately, I missed the cut this year.


Single Length Vs Variable Length Club Test With GCQuad for

In Indiana and Kentucky

In Indiana and Kentucky from September 14th to 17th, which included an outing at Salt Creek Golf Resort in Nashville, Indiana.

Hitting Chip Shots Fat

Golf Pitching Accuracy

Golf Ball Position With Irons: Single Length Irons

Open Mic Night With Bobby Lopez and Darren DeMaille

Thanks to Bobby Lopez and Darren DeMaille for having me on their Open Mic Night to talk swing speed training, single length irons, and much more! Have a listen below!

In Fire Island, New York

In Fire Island, New York from August 16th to 23rd.

How to Play Short Bunker Shots Vs Long Bunker Shots

Topping the Golf Ball in Chipping

2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis

Was hoping to be at this event as a player but I had to settle for going as a spectator this time. Still enjoyed being here though with my Dad in the city I grew up in!


18Strong & BODITRAK - Welcome to the Lou

Had a great time at 4 Hands Brewing Company in St. Louis ahead of the PGA Championship. Thanks to BODITRAK Sports and 18Strong for hosting!

Jeff Pelizzaro, Jaacob Bowden, and Ryan McMullen at the 18Strong and BODITRAK event ahead of the 2018 PGA Championship

29th Annual St. Pius Golf Tournament

Shot 19-under to finish 2nd at the 29th Annual St. Pius Golf Tournament at Oak Valley Golf Course! Highlights included a 350-yard drive on the par-4 15th hole!

St. Pius Golf Tournament at Oak Valley Golf Course

Fixing the Pitching Shanks

In St. Louis, Missouri

In St. Louis, Missouri from August 2nd to 10th.

St. Louis Arch

Are Your Golf Irons Coming Up Short?

GolfWRX The 19th Hole: Long Drive Champion Jaacob Bowden On His Swing Philosophies

Want to hear a little bit about my golf swing philosophies?

Be sure to listen below to my return guest interview on Episode 34 of GolfWRX's 19th Hole Podcast with host Michael Williams.

Show Notes:

"Master Instructor and Long Drive Champion Jaacob Bowden shares his insights on the golf swing with Michael Williams on this week’s edition of The 19th Hole. Also featured is Craig Ramsbottom, President of Dynamic Brands, the company that owns BagBoy, Burton, Riksha, Devant and a host of other top brands in golf accessories."

Bunker Shot Ball Above Your Feet

In Michigan and Ohio

In Michigan and Ohio from July 13th to 17th.

How to Hit a Flop Shot in Golf

Distance Control for Pitching

24 Holes At Golf & Country Club Zurich

24 holes at Golf & Country Club Zurich & a made eagle putt by Steve Thom is a nice way to wrap up this whirlwind golf trip.

Thanks André Bossert, the course reno is looking great! Good luck at the Swiss Seniors Open!

18 Holes at Golfclub Interlaken-Unterseen

Navigation legitimately taking us in circles, a fun golf outing of around 20 people, 3 bags of my Sterling Irons single length irons being played, shots being taken when birdies made, & a quick photo break on the Brienzersee at Hotel Chalet du Lac before heading back to base camp!

Jaacob Bowden at Golf Club Interlaken Unterseen in Interlaken, Switzerland

18 Holes at Schloss Langenstein - Der Country Club

143 mph ride on the German autobahn, 18 holes with friends in good weather, topped off with schnitzel! A fine day!

The clubhouse at Schloss Langenstein Der Country Club in Germany

Struggling With Fairway Iron Shots

18 Holes at Kingshill Golf Club

Already played 18 holes today at the British Open qualifier…but 18 more? Sure, why not!

British Open Qualifier Results

I had a bit of a tough break today at British Open qualifying at Wildernesse Golf Club. I woke up this morning with some allergic reaction and my left eye was half swollen shut. I tried to play anyway. Missed the cut but I did make an eagle (345-yard drive and 6-iron to inches) and made The Open website anyway!

Jaacob Bowden warms up on the driving range ahead of his tee time at the 2018 British Open qualifying at Wildernesse Golf Club in England

Thanks to Sterling IronsSwing Man GolfSnell Golf, Steve Thom, my lovely wife, and everyone else for the support!

Will give it a go again next time!

British Open Qualifier Practice Round

Another fine weather day in England with Steve Thom getting ready for The Open qualifying at Wildernesse Golf Club.

Steve Thom and Jaacob Bowden in front of the 18th green at Wildernesse Golf Club

Final practice round…done!

Jaacob Bowden gets in some final putting practice ahead of the British Open qualifier at Wildernesse Golf Club in England

Last bit of putting practice…done!

Jaacob Bowden leads off all competitors at the 2018 qualifying for The Open

First group off tomorrow at 7am!

18 Holes at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

Great weather on the course today with Steve Thom and nearly my 4th career hole-in-one.

Steve Thom tries to decide how he's going to play out of a bunker at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

Almost a hole in one at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club!

Never been to a golf club where knee high socks were required with shorts!

Jaacob Bowden pushes two Sterling Irons bags towards his ball in the rough at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

18 Hole at Prince's Golf Club

A few highlights of the fun round with Steve Thom at Prince's Golf Club…shorter swings keeping the ball under the wind, great bunker shots, etc.

Mine that was plugged in the wall of the bunker face we didn’t even think would come out, much less clear the lip and get close!

Uphill Bunker Shots

Par For 18 Holes At GolfClub Breitenloo

Slept about 45 minutes on the plane and went from baggage claim straight to the first tee but managed to still shoot par at Golfclub Breitenloo!

Jaacob Bowden watches his tee shot at GolfClub Breitenloo in Zurich, Switzerland

Two Sterling Irons golf bags over look a hole at Golf Club Breitenloo in Zurich, Switzerland

Off to Europe For Golf

Off to Switzerland, England, Spain, and Germany from June 20th to July 5th.

Jaacob Bowden in Golf Digest

Nice to get a mention in Golf Digest this month by Mike Stachura.

Below is a photo of the article!

Jaacob Bowden and Swing Man Golf get a mention by Mike Stachura in Golf Digest

Chipping From Tight Lies

4th Guest Appearance on the Golf Club Radio Show

Jaacob Bowden was a return guest on Danielle Tucker's Golf Club Radio Show to talk Sterling IronsĀ® single length irons

After Bryson DeChambeau's win at The Memorial, Danielle Tucker invited me back for the 4th time as a guest on The Golf Club Radio Show. Of course, we chatted single length irons and Sterling Irons®. We also briefly talked about swing speed training and Swing Man Golf.

Listen in here.

Fat Pitch Shots

Hitting Long Irons Too Low

MAPGA Central Chapter Championship

Finished T-35th out of 45 at the MAPGA Central Chapter Championship at Norbeck Country Club in Rockville, Maryland.

How to Play a Plugged Lie in the Bunker

Practice Round - 18 Holes At Norbeck Country Club

Off to an 18 hole practice round for the MAPGA Central Chapter Championship at Norbeck Country Club in Rockville, Maryland!

Chipping From Rough Around The Green

Pitching With More Backspin

Hitting Irons Accurately

Hardpan Bunker Shots

Chipping Distance Control

Consistent Pitching in Golf

Hitting Irons Left of Target

US Open Local Qualifying

Finished T-28th out of 90 players with 3 birdies and a 74 at US Open local qualifying at Blue Mash Golf Course in Laytonsville, Maryland.

Practice Round - 18 Holes At Blue Mash Golf Club

Off to an 18 hole practice round for the US Open Qualifier at Blue Mash Golf Club in Gaithersburg, Maryland! It's a hot one…98 degrees!

Blue Mash Golf Club hosted a US Open qualifier in 2018

In Barnhart, Missouri

In Barnhart, Missouri from April 13th to 16th.

Get Your Benefits at Club Champion Golf


Playing golf clubs that are custom fit to you are an extremely important component to playing your best golf. Don't continue wasting your money by buying off the rack.

For irons, I recommend Sterling Irons single length irons.

For the rest of your bag, head over to your nearest Club Champion Golf, a brand agnostic premium custom club fitter with locations in almost every major city in the US.

Having a wide selection of components is important to make sure you are getting the best possible setup. Being brand agnostic is important because their fitters don't have any incentive to push a certain brand on you. The fittings are truly based on performance alone.

Even if you've been through a fitting before, I'd still recommend going. About a year ago, I had gone through a brand agnostic fitting with another fitter. He did a great job isolating a setup that worked well for me. However, his inventory was limited…and there is also new equipment that is out this year.

I decided to go over to my local Club Champion to re-check to see if we could beat the performance of my existing driver.

Sure enough, we did!

Take a look at this:


The shots in yellow were my existing gamer. With the exception of the one that I yanked left, the dispersion and consistency was pretty good and given my current level of fitness and training I was averaging 290.5 yards/drive.

We tried about 8 other different setups that we felt might have a chance to improve on my performance. 6 of them were worse but then we found a setup that got me a little bit farther and with a little tighter dispersion. We played around with that and arrived at the setup that lead to the shots in brown.

So with no changes to my swing, I was not only able to hit with a tighter dispersion that will give me more confidence off the tee and allow me to pick the side of the fairway I want to hit on, but I also added distance getting up to 299.3 yards/drive.

That means that even though I was already playing a good driver, but testing from Club Champion's extensive level of available inventory, we found a combo that gave me more accuracy and 8.8 yards more off the tee.

Pretty awesome!

We also took a look at my putter that I had custom fit in a tour department in 2011. Interestingly, for my stroke there was nothing that we found that could beat it. So, no changes required, but this gave me the confidence that what I was putting with was the best possible putter for me.

I was excited enough that I wanted to share my experience…and I also decided to set up some benefits just for you.

So if you think this is for you, make sure to mention that you were referred by Jaacob for any of your appointments or purchases…and you'll come away with better performing clubs as well as qualify for a referral benefit from me!!!

Increased Consistency & Confidence

Jaacob Bowden returns as a guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts to talk Sterling Irons single length irons

The designer of my Sterling Irons® single length irons, Tom Wishon, got invited back on Golf Smarter Podcasts as a 12-time guest of host Fred Greene for Episode #624. Tom, of course, is a legend in the world of club design and custom club fitting.

This is a follow-up to the episode I was on…#623 posted on February 6th.

Show Notes:

"There’s no greater authority on fitting, creating, and golf club technology than Tom Wishon. This week Tom provides his State of the Industry on golf clubs and goes into detail on why the Sterling Irons® single length clubs can help middle to high handicap golfers, and how he improved on an old, bad idea. You’ll also find out why Tom now has single length irons in his bag. If you’re interested in more consistency and lowering your anxiety over every shot, check out Sterling Irons® today."

Have a listen to the episode below.

What's the Deal With Single Length Irons? Increased Consistency!

Jaacob Bowden returns as a guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts to talk Sterling Irons single length irons

Got invited to go back for the 4th time on Golf Smarter Podcasts as a guest of host Fred Greene for Episode #623.

Show Notes:

"Consider yourself using the same posture, and the same swing every time, which could lead to more consistent contact. This week our guest is Jaacob Bowden who has teamed up with legendary club maker (and frequent Golf Smarter guest) Tom Wishon to create a new generation of single length irons. If you’re interested in more consistency and lowering your anxiety over every shot, check out Sterling Irons® today."

Have a listen to the episode below.

GolfWRX The 19th Hole: Keeping Your Swing Warm in Winter

Want to keep your swing warm in the winter or even increase your speed so you come out of the gates more powerful than ever in spring?

Be sure to listen below to my guest interview on Episode 16 of GolfWRX's 19th Hole Podcast with host Michael Williams.

Show Notes:

"National Golf Correspondent Adam Schupak breaks down Tiger Woods’ return to PGA Tour golf at Torrey Pines, and the winners and losers from the week, with host Michael Williams. Also, Michael gives his highlights of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, and instructor Jaacob Bowden’s tips on keeping your swing warm during the winter."

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List of Golf Courses I've Played

***LAST UPDATED March 22nd, 2023***

Over Christmas, my Dad and I got to wondering what golf courses we've played.

I'm probably forgetting some, but here are the ones I can think of that I've played.

1.     Canberra International Golf Centre – Pitch & Putt
2.     Capital Public Golf Course
3.     Federal Golf Club
4.     BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas
5.     Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort
6.     Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort         
Czech Republic
7.     Nova Amerika Golf & Country Club
8.     Dubai Creek Golf & Yachy Club
9.     Emirates Golf Club – Faldo
10.  Emirates Golf Club – Majilis
11.  Jumeirah Golf Estates – Earth Course
12.  Kingshill Golf Club
13.  Pleasington Golf Club
14.  Prince’s Golf Club
15.  Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club
16.  Sandy Lodge Golf Club
17.  Wildernesse Golf Club
18.  Woburn Golf Club – one of the three courses
19.  Golf Maison Blanche
20.  GC Hofgut Scheibenhardt
21.  Schloss Langenstein – Der Country Club
22.  Golf Brianza Country Club
23.  Golf Club Le Rovedine
24.  Golf Club Villa D’este
25.  Le Robinie Golf & Resort
26.  Karen Country Club
27.  Pacifico Course at the Four Seasons Golf Punta Mita
28.  Amelkis
29.  Palm Golf Club Marrakech
30.  Palmeraie Resorts
31.  Ryads Al Maaden Medina & Golf Resort
32.  Samanah Golf Club
33.  Lisbon Sports Club
34.  Praie D’El Rey Golf & Beach Resort
35.  Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort
36.  West Cliffs Golf Course
37.  Rosa Private Golf Club
38.  Cluny Activities – 9-hole golf
39.  Dundonald Links
40.  Kinghorn Golf Club
41.  Old Course at St. Andrews
42.  Aguilon Golf
43.  El Valle Golf
44.  Las Colinas Golf & Country Club
45.  Roda Golf
46.  Saurines De La Torre Golf
47.  Dolder Golf Club Zurich
48.  Golf & Country Club Bonmont
49.  Golf & Country Club Hittnau-Zurich
50.  Golf & Country Club Zurich
51.  Golf Club Alveneu Bad
52.  Golf Club Bad Ragaz
53.  Golf Club Cran-Sur-Sierre – The Jack Nicklaus Course
54.  Golf Club Cran-Sur-Sierre – The Severiano Ballesteros Course
55.  Golf Club Kussnacht Am RIgi
56.  Golf Club Lugano
57.  Golfclub Breitenloo
58.  Golfclub Interlaken - Unterseen
59.  Golf De Bonmont
60.  GolfMountain Engstligenalp Abelboden
61.  Golf Fricktal
62.  Golf Kyburg
63.  Golf Park Otelfingen – 18 hole
64.  Golf Park Otelfingen – 6 hole
65.  Golf Park Otelfingen – Par 3
66.  Golfplatz Rheinfelden
67.  Golf Sempachersee – Woodside
68.  Golfpark Thalwil – Par 3
69.  Golfclub Breitenloo
70.  Golfclubs Gams-Werdenberg
71.  Golfclub Unterengstringen
72.  Winterberg Golf Club
73.  Lykia Links
74.  The Montgomerie Max Royal Golf Club
75.  Sueno Golf Club – Dunes
76.  Sueno Golf Club - Pines
United States
77.  Alabama – RTJ Golf Trail at Grand National – Lake Course
78.  Alabama – RTJ Golf Trail at Ross Bridge
79.  Alaska – Settlers Bay Golf Course
80.  Arizona – Adobe Dam Family Golf Center
81.  Arizona – Anthem Golf & Country Club
82.  Arizona - Cave Creek Golf Course
83.  Arizona – San Pedro Golf Course
84.  Arizona – Southern Ridge Golf Course
85.  Arizona – TPC Scottsdale – Champions Course
86.  Arkansas – Thunder Bayou Golf Links (Hooters Tour)
87.  California – Bayonet
88.  California – Brookside Golf Club – CW Koiner Course
89.  California – Cascades Golf Club (closed)
90.  California – Coyote Creek Golf Club
91.  California – Del Monte Golf Course
92.  California – El Dorado Park Golf Course
93.  California – Empire Ranch Golf Club
94.  California – Goose Creek Golf Club
95.  California – Laguna Seca Golf Ranch
96.  California – Lakes at El Segundo
97.  California – Landmark Golf Club – South Course
98.  California – Landmark Golf Club – North Course
99.  California – Los Robles Greens
100.                 California – Los Serranos Country Club (Chino Hills Golf Course)
101.                 California – Los Verdes Golf Course
102.                 California – Lost Canyons – Sky Course
103.                 California – Lost Canyons – Shadow Course
104.                 California – Mccormick Ranch Golf Club
105.                 California – Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park
106.                 California – Pacific Grove Golf Links
107.                 California – Pebble Beach Golf Links
108.                 California – Peter Hay Golf Course
109.                 California – PGA of Southern California at Oak Valley – The Champions
110.                 California – PGA of Southern California at Oak Valley – The Legends
111.                 California – Poppy Hills Golf Course
112.                 California – Preserve Golf Club
113.                 California – Rancho Canada Golf Club – East
114.                 California – Rancho Canada Golf Club – West
115.                 California – Rancho Park Golf Course
116.                 California – Rancho Solano Golf Course
117.                 California – Recreation Park 9 Golf Course
118.                 California – Recreation Park 18 Golf Course
119.                 California – Roddy Ranch Golf Club (closed)
120.                 California – Rustic Canyon Golf Course
121.                 California – Shadow Lakes Golf Club
122.                 California – Simi Hills Golf Course
123.                 California – Sinaloa Golf Course
124.                 California – Skylinks at Long Beach Golf Course
125.                 California – Spyglass Hills Golf Course
126.                 California – Sterling Hills Golf Club
127.                 California – Tahquitz Creek – Legend Course
128.                 California – Tahquitz Creek – Resort Course
129.                 California – The Links at Spanish Bay
130.                 California – The Links at Victoria Golf Course
131.                 California – The Palms Golf Club
132.                 California – The Reserve at Spanos Park
133.                 California – Tierra Rejada Golf Club
134.                 California – Torrey Pines Golf Course – North Course
135.                 California – Turkey Creek Golf Club
136.                 California – Wood Ranch Golf Course
137.                 Colorado – Copper Creek Golf Course
138.                 Colorado – Dalton Ranch Golf Club
139.                 Colorado – Hillcrest Golf Club
140.                 Connecticut – Fairview Country Club
141.                 Connecticut – The Course at Yale
142.                 District of Columbia – Langston Golf Course & Driving Range
143.                 Florida – Black Bear Golf Club
144.                 Florida – Blue Monster Golf Course
145.                 Florida – Breakers West County Club Golf – Rees Jones Course
146.                 Florida – Miami Lakes Golf Club
147.                 Florida – Pam Beach Par 3 Golf Course
148.                 Florida – PGA National Resort – The Champion
149.                 Florida – PGA National Resoirt – The Palmer
150.                 Illinois – Annbriar Golf Course
151.                 Illinois – The Glen Club
152.                 Indiana – Morningstar Golf Club
153.                 Indiana – Salt Creek Golf Retreat & Overlook Conference Center
154.                 Indiana – The Fort Golf Course
155.                 Indiana – Turkey Run Golf Courses
156.                 Iowa – Westwood Golf Club
157.                 Kansas – Alvamar Country Club (now The Jayhawk Club)
158.                 Kansas - Falcon Ridge Golf Club
159.                 Kansas - Falcon Valley Golf Course
160.                 Kansas - Ironhorse Golf Club
161.                 Kansas - Nicklaus Golf Club at Lionsgate
162.                 Kansas – Overland Park Golf Course – Sykes/Lady
163.                 Kansas - Smiley’s Golf Course
164.                 Kansas - Tomahawk Hills Golf Course
165.                 Maryland – Blue Mash Golf Club
166.                 Maryland – Baltimore Country Club
167.                 Maryland - Golf Club at South River
168.                 Maryland – Norbeck Country Club
169.                 Maryland – Northwest Golf Course
170.                 Maryland – The GC At South River
171.                 Maryland – The Links at Perry Cabin
172.                 Maryland – University of Maryland Golf Course
173.                 Michigan – Barton Hills Country Club
174.                 Michigan – Boyne Golf - The Highlands – Arthur Hills
175.                 Michigan – Boyne Golf – The Highlands – The Heather
176.                 Michigan – Cherry Creek Golf Course
177.                 Michigan – Dearborn Country Club
178.                 Michigan – Detroit Golf Club – North Course
179.                 Michigan – Detroit Golf Club – South Course
180.                 Michigan – Devil’s Ridge Golf Club
181.                 Michigan – Forest Lake Country Club
182.                 Michigan – Golden Hawk Golf Course & Banquets
183.                 Michigan – Greystone Golf Club & Banquet Center
184.                 Michigan – Heather Hills Golf Club
185.                 Michigan – Indianwood Golf & Country Club – Old Course
186.                 Michigan – Indianwood Golf & Country Club – New Course
187.                 Michigan – Lyon Oaks Golf Course
188.                 Michigan – Mulberry Hills Golf Club
189.                 Michigan – Oxford Hills
190.                 Michigan – Plum Hollow Country Club
191.                 Michigan – Prestwick Village Golf Club
192.                 Michigan – Rammler Golf Club
193.                 Michigan – Rattle Run Golf Course
194.                 Michigan – Sheperd’s Hollow Golf Club
195.                 Michigan – Sycamore Hills Golf Club
196.                 Michigan – The Orchards Golf Club
197.                 Michigan – TPC Michigan
198.                 Michigan – Travis Pointe Country Club
199.                 Mississippi – Dancing Rabbit Golf Club
200.                 Missouri – Bent Creek Golf Course
201.                 Missouri – Cajun Golf Course (closed)
202.                 Missouri - Cottonwood
203.                 Missouri – Crystal Highlands Golf Course
204.                 Missouri – Forest Park Golf Course
205.                 Missouri – Joachim Golf Club
206.                 Missouri – House Springs – 9-hole (closed) – My first golf course!
207.                 Missouri – Midway Golf Complex
208.                 Missouri – Missouri Bluffs Golf Club
209.                 Missouri – Pevely Farms Golf Club
210.                 Missouri – Pomme Creek Golf Course & Range
211.                 Missouri – Raintree Country Club
212.                 Missouri – Riverside Golf Club
213.                 Missouri – Ste Genevieve Golf Club
214.                 Missouri – The Highlands Golf & Tennis
215.                 Missouri – Tower Tee Golf
216.                 Missouri – Union Hills Golf Course
217.                 Nevada – Boulder Creek Golf Course
218.                 Nevada – Boulder City Golf Course
219.                 Nevada – D’Andrea Golf Club (closed)
220.                 Nevada – Desert Rose (Now Club at Sunrise)
221.                 Nevada – Eagle Valley Golf Course
222.                 Nevada – Falcon Ridge Golf Course
223.                 Nevada – Lakeridge Golf Course
224.                 New Jersey – Atlantic City Country Club
225.                 New Jersey - Ballyowen Golf Club
226.                 New Mexico – Black Mesa Golf Club
227.                 New Mexico – Cochiti Golf Club
228.                 New Mexico – Tawa Golf Club
229.                 New Mexico – The Club at Las Campanas – Sunrise Course
230.                 New York – Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Black
231.                 New York – Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Blue
232.                 New York – Bethpage State Park Golf Course – Red
233.                 New York – Country Club of Purchase
234.                 New York - Eisenhower Park Red Course
235.                 New York – Elmwood Country Club
236.                 New York – Forest Park Golf Course
237.                 New York – Harbor Links Golf Course
238.                 New York – Marine Park Golf Course
239.                 New York – Mosholu Golf Course
240.                 New York – North Hills Country Club
241.                 New York – Sands Point Golf Club
242.                 New York – Trump Golf Links Ferry Point
243.                 North Carolina – Currituck Golf Club
244.                 Ohio – Beechwood Golf Course – Woodland Course
245.                 Ohio – River Bend Golf Club (closed)
246.                 Ohio – Zoar Golf Club
247.                 Oregon – Bandon Dunes
248.                 Oregon – Old Macdonald
249.                 Texas – Golf Club of Houston
250.                 Texas – TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas
251.                 Virginia – Augustine Golf Club
252.                 Virginia – Ballyhack Golf Club
253.                 Virginia – Belle Haven Country Club
254.                 Virginia – The Cannon Club
255.                 Virginia – Dominion Valley Country Club
256.                 Virginia – Golden Eagle Golf Club
257.                 Virginia – Golden Horseshoe Golf Club – Gold Course
258.                 Virginia – Farmington Country Club
259.                 Virginia – Foundry Golf Club
260.                 Virginia – The Federal Club
261.                 Virginia – Independence Golf Club
262.                 Virginia - Kanawha
263.                 Virginia – Spring Creek Golf Club
264.                 Virginia – Trump National Golf Club
265.                 Virginia – Westfields Golf Club
266.                 West Virginia – Locust Hill Golf Club
Other Possible Courses / Can’t Verify Or Uncertain Of Names
267.                 Arrowhead
268.                 Camelback GC
269.                 Colorado – Highest Elevation Course
270.                 Germany – Bad Bellingen
271.                 Hawaii – Course Played on Honeymoon
272.                 Italy – Golf Rydercup with Markus Rath
273.                 Las Colinas
274.                 Michigan – Wedding Course
275.                 South Carolina - Myrtle Beach #1
276.                 South Carolina - Myrtle Beach #2
277.                 South Carolina - Myrtle Beach #3
278.                 South Carolina - Myrtle Beach #4
279.                 Orange Tree AZ

Which ones have you played?

42nd Birthday

Jaacob Bowden 42nd Birthday

Thanks for all the b-day wishes!

Today I’m 1 on Saturn, 22 on Mars, 42 on Earth, and 174 on Mercury.

After a bit of work, the day ended with tarot card readings at home with a couple friends followed by wine, spaghetti dinner, and purple cake.

Of course, Mr Moses put on his fish bow tie and assumed his spot at the head of the table!

Moses the Cat Assumes His Spot at the Head of the Table Wearing His Fish Bow Tie