In Shawnee, Kansas

In New York City from December 21st to 25th.

In New York

In New York City from December 10th to 12th.

3rd Guest Appearance on Game Improvement Golf Podcast

Jaacob Bowden, Co-Creator of Sterling Irons single length irons, was a guest on Tony Wright's Game Improvement Golf Podcast
Thanks to Tony of Game Improvement Golf for having me back on his podcast for the 3rd time.

Show Notes:

• Jaacob provides a personal update on things he has been involved with in the past 2 years.
• He shares his thoughts on how the single-length iron concept has progressed in the golf world.
• Jaacob talks about the major benefits of single-length irons for golfers – and any specific classes of golfers who can benefit the most from playing them.
• He discusses the benefits of single-length – in particular – for beginner and high-handicap golfers.
• His website has guidelines for single-length iron setups that work best for different classes of golfers.  Jaacob shares his thoughts about these criteria.
• He shares a few of his favorite single-length iron success stories.
• Finally, Jaacob shares some final thoughts on the future of single-length irons for golfers, and when they should consider playing them.

Listen to the Podcast.

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Matt Miskelly & Companies Team Championship

In Midlothian, VA on October 23rd and 27th-29th for the Matt Miskelly & Companies Team Championship. My fellow pro teammate is former PGA TOUR player Jim Estes.

In California

Staying in Carmel Valley, California from August 29th - September 3rd, 2019 for Jen's 40th birthday, our 13th wedding anniversary, and Labor Day weekend with friends from New York. Hitting up Nepenthe Restaurant and Esalen Night Baths in Big Sur, Mission Ranch for brunch in Carmel, 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, and more.

Jaacob Bowden looks out on the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California

Mission Ranch in Carmel Valley, California

Norbeck Community Pro-Am

In Irvington, VA on October 6th-7th, 2019 to play in the Norbeck Community Pro-Am.

In Jacksonville, Florida

In Jacksonville, Florida from September 21st-24th, 2019.

Jaacob Bowden looks at the dolphins during sunset at Jim Rink Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

Playing in the MAPGA Professional Championship

Playing in the MAPGA Professional Championship today and tomorrow at Trump National Golf Club, which is also a qualifier for the 2020 PGA Championship.

Jaacob Bowden hits his Sterling Irons single length irons on the Par 3 16th hole at Trump National Golf Club during the 2019 MAPGA Professional Championship

Golf with Wayne Rooney

In preparation for the MAPGA Professional Championship, I played a practice round at Trump National Golf Club. I don't follow soccer all that much, but it was still fun to play with Wayne Rooney and Steven Birbaum of DC United. Guess I'll have to start following the team, particularly since Wayne whipped out a that's what she said joke.

Steven Birnbaum, Jaacob Bowden, and Wayne Rooney play golf at Trump National Golf Club in preparation for Jaacob's 2020 PGA Championship Qualifier

Stroke Play Championship

At Spring Creek Golf Club in Zion Crossroads, VA for tomorrow's MAPGA Stroke Play Championship.

Golf Near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Staying in Santa Fe, New Mexico from July 18th-27th, 2019.

We checked out Meo Wolf…

Jaacob Bowden at Meo Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Caught some great thunderstorms…

Catching a great lightning storm at Rooftop Pizzeria in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I also got in quite a bit of golf while I was here.

1) First up was Las Campanas Golf Club - Sunrise Course. The ball really goes far at about 7,199 feet above sea level!

2) I got to play Towa Golf Club twice.

Towa Golf Club in Santa Fe, New Mexico

3) My favorite of the trip was at Black Mesa Golf Club, although it probably helps that I had my best round of the year thus far here.

Black Mesa Golf in Espanola, New Mexico

4) Lastly, I hit up Cochiti Golf Club.

Cochiti Golf Club in Cochiti, NM

On our arrival back in Washington, DC, we had a beautiful view of the Washington Monument, Reflection Pool, Capitol, and National Mall.

Beautiful view of the Washington Monument, National Mall, Capitol, and Reflection Pool

A Look at My Lag Putting

Here is a current snapshot of my lag putting over the last 2 weeks...50 randomized putts from each distance with no 2 putts being the same and no distances repeated twice in a row. Average distance of all 3-putts was a little over 50 feet.

A Look at Jaacob Bowden's Lag Putting Stats

In Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, Portugal from July 10th to 14th.

In Marshall, Indiana

In Marshall, Indiana from June 28th to 30th!

While I was there, I added another golf course to my list of courses that I've played, Turkey Run Golf Course! I'm now up to 229 courses!

In New York

In New York from June 4th to June 6th!

Review of Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons by TXG

TXG Tour Experience Golf just reviewed the Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Check out the video along with some great quotes pulled out that are listed below the video.

Get your own set of Sterling Irons® here.

4:26 – “I think that flew the exact same yardage. No, we did not press replay!”

7:24 - “Feeling good so far. Sound good. They really sound nice. Yeah, it’s not like you’re going to pick these up and they feel different than what you’d be expecting from a Titleist or something like that. They feel quite nice.”

8:14 – “It’s gotta be a massive value to literally anyone.”

12:35 – “You know one thing I’m definitely aware of here is these irons are not short. In terms of how far they go, they are quick.”

18:39 – “I really hate to admit it, I’m hitting these 1000 times better than my own irons.”

18:48 – “That’s flowing right on the number, 198 on the fly.”

18:58 –

“I wasn’t really expecting to hit really good shots, if I’m honest. I was a little worried about this test.”

“Is that right?”

“I kinda thought I would get to 7 and 6-iron and just be hitting like crap.”

“Well, the opposite has happened. You’re flushing these. You’re hitting them really really nice.”

19:46 – “I don’t see anyone that shouldn’t try them.”

20:29 – “Performance speaks for itself. If it works, then it’s worth a shot.”

20:40 – “If your ball striking is a weakness and striking and being inconsistent is the reason for that, this really is one solution you could look at.”

20:51 – “I think I’m making better contact for sure.”

20:52 – “I would 100% say that this is the cleanest full set test we’ve done.”

20:41 – “That’s as good as I can hit it.”

23:00 – “I think mission accomplished.”

23:11 – “Really good yardage gaps.”

23:44 – “I think it helped me be more consistent.”

23:50 - “That is about as consistent as I’ve gone through in a set of irons.”

24:04 – “I think there’s so much good engineering that went in to the head with what each club is engineered to do .”

25:28 – “I’m pleasantly surprised.”

25:46 - “It’s a true validation for the technology.”

26:24 - “I could tell you my own irons aren’t gapped that well.”

26:39 – “I think this was done properly.”

26:59 - “They are very competitive on price, obviously made of good materials, and clearly can be fit properly.”

Get your own set of Sterling Irons® here.

Golf Aid Reviews on Sterling Irons®

Golf Aid Reviews just published their review on Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Check it out here!

Sterling Irons single length irons just got reviewed by Golf Aid Reviews

US Open Qualifying - Fox Run Golf Club

In St. Louis from May 2nd to 7th and finished T65th out of 82 in US Open qualifying at Fox Run Golf Club in Eureka, Missouri on May 6th.

US Open Qualifying Fox Run Golf Club

2019 US Open Qualifying at Fox Run Golf Club

2019 US Open Qualifying Fox Run Golf Club

In Detroit

In Detroit from April 3rd to 7th!

Phil Mickelson's 6 mph club head speed gain just scratches the surface

In Detroit

In Detroit from January 11th to 15th!

Mention in Tee Times Golf Guide

Many thanks to Ann Butenas, Garrett Holt, PGA, and Tee Times Golf Guide for the mention in the January 2019 issue.

Be sure to check it out!

Jaacob Bowden, PGA got a mention in this month's Tee Times Golf Guide
Jaacob Bowden, PGA got a mention in this month's Tee Times Golf Guide

43rd Birthday

Thanks for all the b-day wishes!

After a whirlwind holiday season, Jen and I just kept it chill...catching a movie, eating spaghetti, and of course a mini cake!

Jaacob Bowden and Jennifer Giroux keep it fun!
Jaacob's 43rd Birthday Cake

Michigan and St. Louis

In Michigan and St. Louis for the holidays from December 24th to January 2nd!