42nd Birthday

Jaacob Bowden 42nd Birthday

Thanks for all the b-day wishes!

Today I’m 1 on Saturn, 22 on Mars, 42 on Earth, and 174 on Mercury.

After a bit of work, the day ended with tarot card readings at home with a couple friends followed by wine, spaghetti dinner, and purple cake.

Of course, Mr Moses put on his fish bow tie and assumed his spot at the head of the table!

Moses the Cat Assumes His Spot at the Head of the Table Wearing His Fish Bow Tie

Golf Digest Feature on My Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons

Golf Digest featured Sterling IronsĀ® single length irons in the September 2016 issue

If you haven’t seen the September 2016 issue of Golf Digest, check it out. There’s a lovely photo and bit about Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Breaking Par With Bernard Sheridan

Thanks to Bernard Sheridan for interviewing me for Episode 99 Breaking Par. One thing we talked about was how to build swing speed in your golf swing.

Show Notes:

"Jaacob Bowden of Swing Man Golf is known world wide for helping players of all handicap levels get more distance. He has written several articles for many popular publications. Appeared on many TV, radio shows and podcasts. He is here to share his insight this week on episode 99 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. I know this will be an episode that goes down as one of the fan favorites."

Watch the video version of the interview below.