Rick Shiels & Peter Finch Vs Seb on Golf & James Pickard Using Single Length Irons

Rick Shiels & Peter Finch (Team North) take on Seb on Golf & James Pickard (Team South) around The Shire London in four mini matches featuring single length irons (including Sterling Irons®).

Watch three of them below.

March 13, 2017

March 14, 2017

March 15, 2017

Rick Shiels' Sterling Irons® Review

Want to see Rick Shiels' review of Sterling Irons® single length irons?

Watch the video below.

1st Trip To The PGA Merchandise Show

2017 PGA Merchandise Show
I've been in the golf industry since 2003 and somehow I'm just now wrapping up my first trip to the PGA Merchandise Show.

Aside from the massive amount of equipment that's fun to look at and try…the thing I think I enjoyed the most was meeting "digital" friends in-person.

Here are some of my friends and colleagues I ran in to each day along with some products that stood out to me.

Sunday - Teaching & Coaching Summit

• David Edel - Founder of Edel Golf
• Matthew Rudy - Writer for Golf Digest

Monday - Teaching & Coaching Summit

• Michael Breed - Teacher and host of the Golf Fix
• Cameron McCormick - Coach to Jordan Spieth
• Dave Phillips - Co-founder of TPI
• Christopher Smith - Teacher and speedgolf world record holder

Tuesday – Demo Day

• John Marshall - Teacher and long driver
• Michael Napoleon – President Super Speed Golf
• Daniel Wengen – CEO of Iceblock Putter
• Peter Qvarfodt – Wishon Golf Sweden
• Jennifer Fresard – Wind and Sling
• Martin Chuck – Tour Striker
• Andrew Rice – Andrew Rice Golf
• Joseph Mayo - Teacher
• Bryson DeChambeau - PGA TOUR player, nice to finally meet him!
• Mike Schy – Bryson’s coach
• Jesper Parnevic - PGA TOUR player
• Garrett Holt - PGA professional
• Golf Board - fun product
• The PadCaster - cool product


• Mark Crossfield - teacher

Andy Horn (middle) watched a video by Mark Crossfield (left) about my Sterling IronsĀ®

• Galvin Green - impressive product line
• Under Armour – Rand DuPriest - my section rep
• Shawn Clement - Teacher for Wisdom in Golf
• Edel Golf - tried out their single length Irons
• John Marshall - Teacher and Llong driver
• Paul Crawley – Net Return - great product
• Meandmygolf – Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Jaacob Bowden (middle) with MeAndMyGolf's Andy Proudman and Piers Ward

• Steve Hopkins - UFO Tour Golf
• Shaun Webb - coach
• Landon Gentry - long driver
• Paul Howell – long driver
• Mike Dobbyn – world long drive champion
• Tim Burke - world long drive champion
• Josh and Jen Huelsing meeting and dinner - high school friends
• Foresight Quad - great launch monitor


• Matt Adams - PGA TOUR radio
• Michael Breed - Teacher and host of the Golf Fix
• Jay McGrath – real feel golf mats
• Club Glove Golf - nice products
• Rick Shiels & Peter Finch - teachers

Peter Finch, Jaacob Bowden ,and Rick Shiels chat at the PGA Merchandise Show

• David Mobley - world long drive champion
• Piers Ward Andy Proudman - teachers
• Edel Golf - I went through putter fitting
• Matt Lockey and Mark Crossfield - teachers
• Fredrik Tuxen - CEO and founder of Trackman