ChatGPT's Career Insights: An AI's Reflection on My Two-Decade Journey

I tend to reside in a pioneering space…and higher level vision and innovative pathways are often things I find myself submerged in. I was early in on YouTube. I've been ahead of the curve in golf club design and golf fitness.

Lately, I've been playing around with ChatGPT, almost on a daily basis. To test it out, I've tried to trick it, and it actually seems really good about providing solid answers despite the trickery. That being said, it is still in a place that requires discernment.

Recently for fun, I decided to see what job's it would recommend for me if I plugged in a description about myself.

It's the age old question, what would you do if you weren't do what you are currently doing?

So, I gave it the text at this link, which is a pretty exhaustive description about who I am.

Here's what it said:

Based on the comprehensive description you've provided about yourself, here are a few potential career paths you might consider, along with some reasoning:

1. **Consultant or Strategic Advisor**: Your ability to systematically organize, observe, investigate, and seek out knowledge combined with a high IQ and introspection makes you a prime candidate for strategic roles. Given your comfort with data and information, you can provide solutions based on research and intuition.

2. **Entrepreneur or Business Owner**: Your entrepreneurial spirit, combined with risk-taking, leadership, loyalty, and a hard-working nature, indicates that you could start and run a business. This would also cater to your need for independence and making decisions based on exhaustive research and intuition.

3. **Life Coach or Spiritual Guide**: Your deep introspection, high intuition, spiritual nature, and desire to teach from your experiences make you suitable for guiding others in their personal journeys.

4. **Outdoor Guide or Retreat Organizer**: Given your connection to nature, water, and high places, you might find fulfillment in leading outdoor excursions, organizing retreats, or participating in wilderness therapy. This would allow you to blend your love for nature with your leadership abilities.

5. **Author or Motivational Speaker**: Your gift in speaking and communication can be channeled into writing books or delivering speeches. Sharing your experiences, knowledge, and insights can inspire others.

6. **Researcher or Investigator**: Your qualities of being an investigator, knowledge seeker, and being comforted by data can be utilized in fields that require extensive research.

7. **Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer**: Given your athletic build and potential focus on alignment (especially considering your concern for back, heart, and circulation), you might enjoy helping others attain physical health and alignment.

However, as with any career suggestion, it's important to align it with your passions and desires. I'd recommend engaging in some introspective sessions, perhaps with a career counselor or coach, to explore these paths further and see which one feels the most right for you.

These are actually a pretty solid list of recommendations.

For the past 20 years, I've been a pro golfer and owned my own business that's revolved around playing and teaching golf, fitness training, and providing consulting and strategic advice to business owners, boards of directors, and executives.. A lot of the products I've created and services I've provided have been based on having done a lot of research and investigation. Often times, I end up using what I learn to write insightful articles, speak, and guide others.

And prior to golf, after pharmacy school I had thought about a career as a massage therapist or maybe something revolving around landscaping.

Seems I'm doing pretty good with being in alignment with who I am…at least according to AI, haha!