Get Your Benefits at Club Champion Golf


Playing golf clubs that are custom fit to you are an extremely important component to playing your best golf. Don't continue wasting your money by buying off the rack.

For irons, I recommend Sterling Irons single length irons.

For the rest of your bag, head over to your nearest Club Champion Golf, a brand agnostic premium custom club fitter with locations in almost every major city in the US.

Having a wide selection of components is important to make sure you are getting the best possible setup. Being brand agnostic is important because their fitters don't have any incentive to push a certain brand on you. The fittings are truly based on performance alone.

Even if you've been through a fitting before, I'd still recommend going. About a year ago, I had gone through a brand agnostic fitting with another fitter. He did a great job isolating a setup that worked well for me. However, his inventory was limited…and there is also new equipment that is out this year.

I decided to go over to my local Club Champion to re-check to see if we could beat the performance of my existing driver.

Sure enough, we did!

Take a look at this:


The shots in yellow were my existing gamer. With the exception of the one that I yanked left, the dispersion and consistency was pretty good and given my current level of fitness and training I was averaging 290.5 yards/drive.

We tried about 8 other different setups that we felt might have a chance to improve on my performance. 6 of them were worse but then we found a setup that got me a little bit farther and with a little tighter dispersion. We played around with that and arrived at the setup that lead to the shots in brown.

So with no changes to my swing, I was not only able to hit with a tighter dispersion that will give me more confidence off the tee and allow me to pick the side of the fairway I want to hit on, but I also added distance getting up to 299.3 yards/drive.

That means that even though I was already playing a good driver, but testing from Club Champion's extensive level of available inventory, we found a combo that gave me more accuracy and 8.8 yards more off the tee.

Pretty awesome!

We also took a look at my putter that I had custom fit in a tour department in 2011. Interestingly, for my stroke there was nothing that we found that could beat it. So, no changes required, but this gave me the confidence that what I was putting with was the best possible putter for me.

I was excited enough that I wanted to share my experience…and I also decided to set up some benefits just for you.

So if you think this is for you, make sure to mention that you were referred by Jaacob for any of your appointments or purchases…and you'll come away with better performing clubs as well as qualify for a referral benefit from me!!!