Defying Age: How to Maintain and Increase Distance as You Get Older

When you are in the business of writing articles, they don't always get published right away. Case in point: the article I submitted to the Golf Fitness Association of America (GFAA) on May 24th didn't publish until June 25th. Enough time passed that I actually forgot I submitted it, which made for a nice surprise today when I opened my inbox and found it had gone live.

Our human experience comes with the dimension of time, bringing aging and all the things many of us associate with it—hair loss, greying, new wrinkles, strange skin spots, and more. In golf, over time, statistically we lose power and distance.

But does it have to be like that?

I'm not sure it does.

I've heard tales of tribes that lived healthy lives for roughly 200 years until they were discovered by others and learned they weren't "supposed" to live that long. Within a generation or more, lifespans decreased to what we consider normal.

We also live in a multidimensional electromagnetic field. In the dimensional space of oneness, geometrically there is no A and B of time, only A—the now. This space is one of abundance and perfect health. We can access it, in part because we're already in and of it.

Without getting any further into the metaphysical, the point is, similar to what Morpheus said to Neo in "The Matrix," some rules can be bent, others broken. We can challenge conventional thinking to experience something different and even better.

That's partly what this article, "Defying Age: How to Maintain and Increase Distance As You Get Older", is about.

Read it here on the GFAA website in the June issue of Golf Fitness Monthly.