Topping the Golf Ball in Chipping

Bunker Shot Ball Above Your Feet

GolfWRX's Review of Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons

GolfWRX's Sterling IronsĀ® Review - Single Length Irons published another cover story about my Sterling Irons® single length irons.

This one is a review of the clubs.

Joined Tom Wishon on PGA TOUR Radio & Golf Channel's Fairways of Life With Matt Adams

Tom Wishon & Jaacob Bowden joined Matt Adams on Fairways of Life on Golf Channel and Sirius XM PGA TOUR Radio

Have a listen below to my guest appearance with Tom Wishon on “Fairways of Life” with host Matt Adams on Sirius XM PGA TOUR Radio and Golf Channel Live Extra where one thing we chatted about was Sterling Irons® single length irons.

MyGolfSpy's Thoughts On Single Length Irons

MyGolfSpy Shares Their Thoughts on Single Length Irons...Including Sterling IronsĀ®
My Sterling Irons® single length irons get a mention at MyGolfSpy. See what they had to say here.

Sterling Irons® and Myself in Golf Digest

Single Length Irons Featuerd in Golf Digest
I got another mention in Golf Digest about my Sterling Irons®. Here's the link to the story called "The Latest on Single-Length Irons".