It's My 48th Birthday!

It's my 48th birthday!

Jaacob Bowden and his wife had dinner at The Highlands in the GMRENCEN for his 48th birthday

Jen and I started out the day with a health maintenance visit to Dr. Salame at Health First Chiropractic Clinic, I had an astrology reading with Evan Nathaniel Grim, we had dinner at The Highlands on the 71st and 72nd floor of the GMRENCEN in downtown Detroit, grabbed an evening drink at Bar Pigalle with a couple friends, and then polished it off with a post bar hang at their house.

It was a fine way to start this next trip around the sun!

47th Birthday

It's my 47th birthday. Thanks to everyone who reached out by phone, text, email, social media, etc.

It started out with a lox bagel, cookie, and coffee at James Oliver in Corktown, followed by some errands, a tarot session with Zoe Villegas, a natal chart and human design reading with Michelle Fedrizzi, dinner at Mumma Maria's House in West Village with my wife Jen, and a mini birthday cake at home while watching the season finale of "Welcome to Chippendales".

A fine birthday and great start to 2023!

45th Birthday

Thanks all for the 45th birthday wishes.

It started off with Starbucks, a little work, and a meeting with a woodworker to discuss building a custom putting green.

Worked a bit more and then went for a walk around the neighborhood with Jennifer Giroux...followed by a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner, a highly recommended bottle of Illahe Pinot Noir Williamette Valley Oregon 2019, and strawberry sheet cake.

Finished it off watching a few shows, including old Game of Thrones episodes.

A fine day!

Jaacob Bowden blows out a bunch of birthday cake candles on his 45th birthday at home in Detroit, Michigan

44th Birthday

Dinner and surprise cake with friends on birthday eve...then sleeping in, having sheet cake with Jennifer Giroux on a bench by the Reflection Pool in the National Mall, seeing Bombshell at the theatre, and watching “What We Do In The Shadows” at home.

Thanks for all the 44th birthday wishes yesterday!

Jaacob Bowden holds his birthday cake on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

43rd Birthday

Thanks for all the b-day wishes!

After a whirlwind holiday season, Jen and I just kept it chill...catching a movie, eating spaghetti, and of course a mini cake!

Jaacob Bowden and Jennifer Giroux keep it fun!
Jaacob's 43rd Birthday Cake

27th Birthday

It's my 27th birthday!!!

28th Birthday

It's my 28th birthday!!! :-)

31st Birthday

It's my 31st b-day!

32nd Birthday

It's my 32nd birthday!

33rd Birthday

It's my 33rd birthday!!!

34th birthday

It's Jaacob's 34th birthday!

40th Birthday

Jaacob Bowden celebrated his 40th birthday by taking a trip to Nicaragua with his wife and a couple friends

It’s my 40th birthday!

My lovely wife arranged for us to be in Nicaragua with a couple friends coming up on January 16th to January 30th.

What a great start to my 40s!

Note: Photo back-dated from the trip

42nd Birthday

Jaacob Bowden 42nd Birthday

Thanks for all the b-day wishes!

Today I’m 1 on Saturn, 22 on Mars, 42 on Earth, and 174 on Mercury.

After a bit of work, the day ended with tarot card readings at home with a couple friends followed by wine, spaghetti dinner, and purple cake.

Of course, Mr Moses put on his fish bow tie and assumed his spot at the head of the table!

Moses the Cat Assumes His Spot at the Head of the Table Wearing His Fish Bow Tie

37th Birthday

37th Birthday Cake

It’s my 37th birthday!

36th Birthday

Jaacob Bowden got some colorful New Balance 574s for his birthday

The wife got me some fun New Balance 574s for my birthday!