Jaacob Bowden in Golf Digest

Nice to get a mention in Golf Digest this month by Mike Stachura.

Below is a photo of the article!

Jaacob Bowden and Swing Man Golf get a mention by Mike Stachura in Golf Digest

Golf Digest Feature on My Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons

Golf Digest featured Sterling IronsĀ® single length irons in the September 2016 issue

If you haven’t seen the September 2016 issue of Golf Digest, check it out. There’s a lovely photo and bit about Sterling Irons® single length irons.

Sterling Irons® Featured in Golf World

Sterling Irons single length irons were featured in an article by Mike Stachura for Golf World
My Sterling Irons® single length irons were featured in Golf World in an article by Mike Stachura.

Read it here.

Sterling Irons® and Myself in Golf Digest

Single Length Irons Featuerd in Golf Digest
I got another mention in Golf Digest about my Sterling Irons®. Here's the link to the story called "The Latest on Single-Length Irons".