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Jaacob Bowden returns as a guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts to talk Sterling Irons single length irons

The designer of my Sterling Irons® single length irons, Tom Wishon, got invited back on Golf Smarter Podcasts as a 12-time guest of host Fred Greene for Episode #624. Tom, of course, is a legend in the world of club design and custom club fitting.

This is a follow-up to the episode I was on…#623 posted on February 6th.

Show Notes:

"There’s no greater authority on fitting, creating, and golf club technology than Tom Wishon. This week Tom provides his State of the Industry on golf clubs and goes into detail on why the Sterling Irons® single length clubs can help middle to high handicap golfers, and how he improved on an old, bad idea. You’ll also find out why Tom now has single length irons in his bag. If you’re interested in more consistency and lowering your anxiety over every shot, check out Sterling Irons® today."

Have a listen to the episode below.

Visiting Tom Wishon To Discuss My Single Length Irons Project Vision

Spent the last few days with Tom Wishon talking about bringing my single length irons project vision to reality

Spent a the last few days (October 28th-30th) in Durango, CO with my good friend Tom Wishon of Wishon Golf to discuss collaborating on a single length irons project.

There are some really cool pics from the visit here.

Colorado Avid Golfer Says My Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons Are Revolutionary

Colorado Avid Golfer

Chris Duthie of Colorado Avid Golfer has published a story about my successful Sterling Irons® single length irons called "Wishon Golf's New Sterling Irons Are Revolutionary".

Give it a read!

Joined Tom Wishon on PGA TOUR Radio & Golf Channel's Fairways of Life With Matt Adams

Tom Wishon & Jaacob Bowden joined Matt Adams on Fairways of Life on Golf Channel and Sirius XM PGA TOUR Radio

Have a listen below to my guest appearance with Tom Wishon on “Fairways of Life” with host Matt Adams on Sirius XM PGA TOUR Radio and Golf Channel Live Extra where one thing we chatted about was Sterling Irons® single length irons.