Sponsors & Partners

Jaacob is open to taking on new sponsors and partners that are in line with the Golf Ventures LLC mission, vision, and values…or that are related to things like environmental stewardship (Ex. solar, electric/hybrid vehicles, recycling, nature/outdoors, etc), medical research (Ex. ALSA, BCRF, MMRF, etc), and more.

Note that since online teaching/coaching/training is part of his business and follower trust is important, he doesn't want to have any conflict of interest by taking on any sponsors and/or partners that are golf product related, other than his own personal Sterling Irons and Swing Man Golf brands. If he recommends a particular golf product, he wants it to be because it performs and not because he has compensatory incentive (hidden or not) to recommend it.

If you are interested in a relationship with Jaacob, please contact him.

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