In Portugal for Golf

In Portugal from February 10th to 18th.

Due to the timing of my international flight, I arrived a day before everyone, which gave me time to site see a bit and get some good eats. Click/tap the arrow on the right of the photo to see the 2nd one.

Once everyone arrived, the 5 days of golf started. First up was about an hour north of Lisbon at Praia D'El Rey, which we used Golf Boards and had a few great holes along the ocean.

Next up, we moved to our favorite course of the trip, West Cliffs. It had the best club house, greatest number of holes with beautiful ocean views, and overall the facility was in nice condition, save the cart paths and some sanding.

On Day #3, we moved over to the very long Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort. This was a a lot more wide open than West Cliffs, where it was fairway or die. You could see the ocean from afar, but it wasn't as close to the water as West Cliffs or Praia D'El Rey.

After Royal Obidos, we changed our base back down to Lisbon and ventured out for Day #4 to the very long Ribagolfe, which is a course that has hosted European Tour qualifying. It was only an hour from Lisbon, but felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere. The local development seemed unfinished and the reception was strangely in an entirely different location than the course. We had fun, we were lucky to have the course to ourselves, and I prefer courses like this one without housing on it, but I don't think any of us would return here.

On Day #5, our final day, we changed our plans from Troia Golf to Lisbon Sports Club…mostly because we didn't think we'd have time to get out to Troia and still get the other guys back to the airport in time for their flight. Lisbon Sports Club was very basic, but it had an old local feel to it, which was nice. Once again, we enjoyed the day but none of us would likely return here again.